Wichuda is a professional qualified Thai masseuse.

Lisa and her staff offer you professional Thai massage - please call.

Are you looking for Thai massage a little different the Number One Thai massage in Newcastle could be your choice. The Thai massage centre has the tools to make you feeling better. Much better.

Phim offer you a qualified Thai massage in a friendly and relaxed center.



Newcastle: The Royal Orchid Thai Massage

The Royal Orchid try to make sure that every client get the feeling that he or she is in a warm relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The massage centres crew is well educated.

Angkhana Thai massage change name to Narlee Thai massage and the location is new too.

Where to find the very best Thai Massage in Newcastle? You could try "The Best Thai massage in Newcastle". At least they are not afraid of bragging. The massage center is on Westgate Road. The exact address they keep between themselves and their potential customers.

Tanya is placed in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, not far from Newcastle. The centre has been open since 2009​ and the team of therapist are certi​fied from the best massage schools in Thailand.

Welcome to a wonderful hour in a private residence. Qualified and experienced Thai masseurs will bring you close to cloud nine. And you will surely walk back to your (maybe) stressed working life with a smile on your face.

Ruen Thai Spa & Massage Newcastle is one of the newest centres in the area, and it offer all the well known Thai treatment plus a little more. And both male and female clients are welcome.

The Thai massage center in Westgate Road offers you the opportunity to either have a wonderful relaxing hour far away from daily stress or a wonderful massage that will make you feel much better than before you arrived.

Hua Hin Moon is about Thai massage. The Thai massage center welcomes both men and woman and provides a wide range of Thai inspired massage and treatments.

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